Flo Pro


Flo Pro is a Formula with 35 Years of Proven Field Success!

Flo Pro combines a plugging prevention chemistry with a soil conditioner that supplies superior absorption and targets root zones for water and nutrient retention and uptake.

Get convenience and production performance in one affordable product.

  • Most Cost-Effective Product to Remove & Prevent Plugging in Low Volume Irrigation Systems
  • 5th Generation Amines & Phosphonate Chemistries
  • Used at Low Usage Rates
  • Makes Water Unsuitable for Biological Hosts


  • Patent-Pending Soil Conditioner
  • Uniformly Retains Water & Nutrients in the Critical Root Zone
  • Allows Optimum Plant Uptake of Water & Nutrients
  • Changes Nature of Soil in Root Zone from Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic