Po²wer Flush™

Having quality drip tape and/or micro jet systems is great, until they become plugged with biologicals and minerals. Then both your crops and your profits can suffer.

Po²wer Flush™ from Disinfecting Services is a new, optimized water treatment infusion product that goes right to the site of the blockage in your tape or emitters and clears them quickly and safely.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike chlorine and acid-based products, Po²wer Flush™ is friendly to the environment. It is easy on drip systems and plants, and can help extend the effective life of your irrigation system. Po²wer Flush™ is injected at recommended feed rates and then allowed to sit for two to eight hours, before going to a post-treatment flush cycle. After the flush cycle, your system should be restored to open operation. In addition, Po²wer Flush™ can also be used as a well flush for those wells heavily contaminated with biological growth.

Disinfecting Services employs a scientific approach to the proper treatment of your specific irrigation requirements. In order to custom tailor a solution to your water delivery issues it’s important to test a sample of your water for content, minerals and biologicals.

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Double Cropping?

Get 1st season results with 2nd season tape.