Our Services

We have multiple service options to help better serve you.

3-Step Disinfecting Program

This extremely thorough 3-step disinfecting program provides you the peace of mind that your facility is ready to meet any biological challenge. 

Washing & Cleaning

With our experience, you will be sure to rest easy knowing your storage is clean and up to GAP standards. We provide written certification! 


We have come up with a revolutionary way to disinfect all types of potato storages, packing sheds, and handling equipment. We also disinfect grain storage. 


Our unique fogging technique has proved reliable in stopping any overwhelming odor or sink holes in storage facilities.

Post Harvest

We have two different methods for disinfecting newly harvested potatoes using Harvest 6.0 and Growers’ Shield.

Piler Applicator

The Disinfecting Services Piler Applicator is designed to apply chemicals to potatoes on pilers or conveyers.

Pipe Straightening

We have developed a pipe straightener to work out kinks and make sure the ventilation  pipe is functioning the way it should be.

Have questions about what we do?

If you have any questions about our services, please reach out to us to speak to an expert.