Disinfecting Services has been disinfecting potato storages for over 27 years.

Disinfecting Process

With our experience, you will be sure to rest easy knowing your storage is clean and up to GAP Standards. We have come up with a revolutionary way to disinfect all types of potato storages, packing sheds, and handling equipment. With our new and improved application equipment, we can disinfect to a degree of sanitation never before obtained. We also disinfect grain storages.

Our disinfectant is one of the only labeled agricultural products classified as a sporicide. It is equally effective on non-porous surfaces as it is on heavily contaminated surfaces. It is one of the only labeled disinfecting agents. It is environmentally safe with zero re-entry time. There is no gassing off, so we get the full dose on the surface we apply it to.

Products can be purchased.

If you prefer to do the disinfecting yourself, our products are available for purchase.