Our Products

After 27 years of hard work and innovation, Disinfecting Services is now offering its own line of products.

Harvest 6.0™

Harvest 6.0™ serves as a versatile sanitizer and disinfectant for potatoes going into storage or already in storage.

Bio Ultra™

Bio Ultra™ is a chemical that has been developed specifically for storage and packing facilities. It provides the most economical way to clean even the most difficult storages.

Growers’ Shield™

Growers’ Shield™ is a soil and water conditioner that assists with the absorption of Harvest 6.0™ by ionically binding with it, allowing it to move both horizontally and vertically throughout and deeper into the service providing exceptionally uniform converage.

Flo Pro™

Flo Pro™ combines a plugging prevention chemistry with a soil conditioner that supplies superior absorption and targets root zones for water and nutrient retention and uptake.

Cell Guard™

Cell Guard™ is a product used to improve airflow by cleaning and maintaining open air passages in humidification and evaporative cooling pads.

Po²wer Flush™

An exclusive blend of oxygen & PAA designed for superior clean and flush action for your low flow irrigation!

Personal Antimicrobial Soap (PAS)™

This product was formulated for Food Safety to prevent the spread of germs and contamination by personnel, now available to the public addressing growing hygiene concerns and the spread of germs that cause illness.

Products can be purchased.

If you prefer to do the disinfecting yourself, our products are available for purchase.