3-Step Disinfecting Program

This extremely thorough 3-step disinfecting program provides you the peace of mind that your facility is ready to meet any biological challenge!

Disinfecting Process

Step 1

Your storage facility is thoroughly treated with Disinfecting Services’ Bio-Ultra™ high foaming cleaning detergent. The soap product is designed to penetrate deeply into the contaminants on the walls, including even the most difficult of bio film/dirt breaking them down and loosening them from the wall. Disinfecting Services then cleans and disinfects your plenum.

Step 2

Disinfecting Services then cleans and removes the loosened dirt and contaminants with a high pressure spray.

Step 3

After which, Disinfecting Services applies a special disinfecting treatment, Harvest 6.0™, disinfecting the entire storage facility, in combination with a soil treatment called Growers’ Shield™ allowing it to move deeper into the surface to assure a uniform disinfecting of storage dirt floors.

Products can be purchased.

If you prefer to do the disinfecting yourself, our products are available for purchase.