Let’s face it, no one likes to walk into a storage facility and have an overwhelming odor fill the air, or to see the beginning of a sink hole. Our unique fogging technique has been put to the test and proved reliable!

How Can Fogging Benefit You?

Routine Maintenance 

We apply a fog through your storage and stop the problems before they start. Studies show we can reduce shrink by up to five percent.

Spot Treatments

We treat problems that may arise in storage, such as fusarium, silver scurf, soft rot, late blight, and more.


With our specially-designed Disinfecting Services Fog System, we have taken air-fogging to a whole new level. Our redesigned fog nozzles are more reliable and create a better, dryer fog. A dryer fog means a more efficient way to deliver chemical throughout your storage. This will help slow down or stop problems that regularly occur in storage.

Different Options

From getting treatments onto the potatoes as they’re being harvested to fogging your cellars, Disinfecting Services uses many different fogging applications. Most applications can be installed permanently; we can discuss which one will work best for you. And if you prefer to do the fogging yourself, we also sells our fogging agent for your use.

Reverse Directional

Since heat can sometimes cause deterioration in the chemicals used in post-harvest fogging, thermal fogging has become somewhat controversial. Disinfecting Services offers Reverse Directional Fogging, which is a cold fogging, that eliminates the possibility of chemical breakdown/deterioration caused by heat.

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